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22398 Ruth Street

Farmington Hills, MI


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   The Swedish Club of Southeastern Michigan is a social club that serves the Scandinavian community.   Among  our many members are people with Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish ethnic backgrounds.   Thus we have groups that meet on a regularly scheduled bases at the Swedish Club which specialize in maintaining the cultures of Sweden, Norway and Denmark in our community.  The respective organizations are:  The  Arpi Swedish Male Chorus;    Norwegian Men's Club Scandia Women's Chorus of Michigan;   Sons of NorwaySwedish Club of Southeastern Michigan; and the Swedish Club Women's Organization.   Each of them stress different aspects of the Scandinavian cultures by the use of many social activities throughout the year.  Also, for those of you who are interested either learning to speak and read Swedish or if you feel the need to "brush-up" on your Swedish language skills, Swedish language classes are provided at the Club.

   We have as our objective to make our guests and members feel " Všlkommen"  and our Welcoming Committee heads up this effort with the help and encouragement of all our members who act to make you feel welcomed!

   We ask you to use this Web page to discover how we can meet your interests and needs and to welcome you to the " Scandinavian Family" of the Swedish Club of Southeastern Michigan.

   By our words and actions we always say "Všlkommen (welcome)" to the Swedish Club !



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